The IIMB Run
The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Alumni Association (IIMBAA), with support from the management and student body of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), is all set to roll-out the 2nd edition of a unique sports event- ‘IIMB Run for a change’ (in short, IIMB Run). IIMB Run is planned on the morning of Sunday, 5th January 2020 on the IIMB campus and a part of the route, possibly, extending into the surrounding vicinity. The run is designed for all ages; there is a fun 3K Majja run for families and children, a 5K timed run for enthusiastic joggers, 10K and 10M timed runs for the regular runners - amateurs, professionals and stalwarts. (Note: 10M or 10 miles is a new format introduced in this edition)

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)
The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore is a public management school and an institute of national importance, located in Bangalore, Karnataka. Founded in 1973, it was the third IIM to be established, after IIM Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad. It now offers an MBA and continues to offer the Post Graduate, Doctoral and Executive Training programmes. In addition to its main academic programmes, IIMB is also engaged in facilitating research, offering consultant services, conducting seminars and academic conferences and publishing journals. It is located close to the heart of the city and houses several rare and regular species of birds and trees. The campus by itself is like a cool break from the hustle of the chaotic city. Read more...
IIMB Campus
A 100-acre oasis in the south of Bangalore, the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), with its all-stone architecture, lush verdant woods and landscaped gardens provides an idyllic environment to engage in management studies, academics and learning. IIMB has world-class infrastructure that facilitates excellence in teaching, research, consulting and other professional activities.
What does the campus host?
1. Several rare, unique and beautiful species of birds and trees. It must be said, if you’re on campus then your in the midst of a very cultured forest like resort. Soak up the fresh air, we all need it!
2. A beautiful cafe surrounded by lush green trees which serves you beverages, snacks and other delights around the clock! Check out Mustard Cafe.
3. Several classroom blocks, a massive library that houses a repository of knowledge, many discussion rooms, a huge auditorium, a wide lawn, a state of the art fitness centre and a massive playing field.
4. Our ever evolving incubator called NSRCEL.
5. Small shops at different nooks and corners. Stop by Prabhakar’s for fresh, oven hot samosas, steamy coffee/tea or Haneena’s for maggi, water, biscuits, band aids and other essentials.